What I Do


Online Booking Systems

If you have a business which requires any kind of online booking system and you are looking for something with a specific functionality, I have the specialist development skills to create a tailored system to suit your needs.



Bespoke Website Forms

Certain kinds of online booking systems will require customized forms with specific related field processing capabilities. I can provide the necessary skills and expertise to deliver you a system that generates and stores your specified field calculations.



Responsive Web Design

With at least 50% (and rising) of the Web currently being viewed on various mobile devices, all my websites are now built to be responsive to these. I use industry standard development tools and practices to produce websites that perform well on all devices.



Animated User Interface

Some people are looking for a website with features that are engaging and usefull in particular ways. This could be anything from 360 degree product view controls, to stunning animated menus and sliding panels to set their website apart from others.


Bloom Web Design